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NEWS: Arizona Bill Moves to State House, Threatens Ethnic Studies

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Roberto Hernandez, a doctoral candidate in the department of ethnic studies at UC Berkeley, started an email chain about the Arizona anti-ethnic studies legislation that ended up in CSA hands.

The following story reveals several Arizona legislators’ blatant attacks on ethnic studies at all levels of public education, including higher-ed. The legislators suggest that ethnic studies is an “attack on Western civilization.” The bill would ban “race-based” curriculum and would cut funding for “hate-speech paid for by tax dollars.”

Further, “SB1108 also would bar teaching practices that ‘overtly encourage dissent’ from those values, including democracy, capitalism, pluralism and religious tolerance,” writes Howard Fischer, reporter for Capitol Media Services.

Phoenix newspaper, The East Valley Tribune, had the story on April 16.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is also following the story.


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