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NEWS: May Day in California: A Snapshot

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Louis Sahagun and Ronald D. White reported in the LA Times on the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s (ILWU) West coast work stoppage yesterday in protest of the Iraq war.

Watch and listen to Democracy Now‘s report on the ILWU’s West coast shutdown.

Mike Rhodes’ reported and took photographs for IndyBay on a march in Fresno.

Swati Pandey commented on the last two May Days in LA in the LA Times.

Swati Pandey reviewed LA Times editorials from May Days past.

Joel Rubin and Anna Gorman reported for the LA Times on LAPD’s preparation training for May Day protests.

LA Times blog tracked the hour by hour protests and gatherings: many reports remark on the small turnout this year in LA.

Truthout‘s report on the May Day violence and staff shakeup in the LAPD last year, 2007. Wikipedia has a report and a large newspaper bibliography of LA’s May Day last year.

David Swanson reported for the California Chronicle on the ILWU’s May Day work stoppage and the history of the May Day’s origins from 1886 Haymarket Revolt: “Watch this video. Clarence Thomas, National Co-Chair of the Million Worker March Movement and Executive Board member of International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 10, spoke on April 24th, 2008, at the Iraq Town Hall meeting, in the Grand Lake Theater, Oakland, CA. The ILWU has committed to blocking ports on May 1st in opposition to the occupation of Iraq.”

Chronicle staff writers reported on May Day in the Bay Area. The big story is the ILWU’s work stoppage in protest of the war in Iraq.


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