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TALK/REPORT: Public Policy Institute of California Survey Shows Digital Divide in CA: Baldassare and Bonner Talk in Sacramento (July 9)

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From PPIC.

Statewide Survey: Californians and Information Technology

The link to the event at the PPIC website is here.

The link to the pdf of the report can be found here.

July 9, 2008; 12:00-1:30 p.m.
Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building
914 Capitol Mall, Room 500
Sacramento, CA

While internet use and information technology is expanding, the digital divide is widening for some groups in California. This benchmark survey of Californians examines their access to information technology, including computer ownership, access to the Internet, and the use of mobile devices. The survey also looks at perceptions of the role of government in areas such as Internet regulation and broadband access and availability. The survey details results in the five major regions in California, by race and ethnicity, between urban and rural communities, and among socioeconomic and political groups. Lunch will be provided.

This survey was conducted with funding from the California Emerging Technology Fund and ZeroDivide.

PPIC president, CEO, and survey director Mark Baldassare is an expert in public opinion, including political, social, economic, and environmental attitudes.

Dean Bonner is a research associate and member of the PPIC Statewide Survey team.

Some findings of the current survey:

* Less than half of California Latinos (48%) have home computers compared to about eight in 10 or more for whites (86%), Asians (84%), and blacks (79%). Just four in 10 Latinos (40%) have Internet access and a third (34%) a broadband connection at home.
* Among households with incomes under $40,000, half have home computers, but only four in 10 (40%) have home Internet access and just a third (33%) have broadband.
* Twenty-nine percent of Californians have DSL, 19 percent have cable modems, 5 percent have wireless, and 2 percent have fiber optic or T-1 connections. Just 7 percent have dial-up connections.

This is the 87th PPIC Statewide Survey and the first in the Californians and Information Technology survey series, whose intent is to inform state policymakers, encourage discussion, and raise public awareness about a variety of information technology issues. This survey includes the responses of 2,503 Californians in multiple languages, on both landline and cell phones, and was conducted in collaboration with the California Emerging Technology Fund.


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