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NEWS: CSA Announces Partnership With the H-California Discussion Network

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The CSA and H-California (Humanities Discussion Network, California) are proud to announce a new partnership to advance their missions to serve the communities of scholars, activists, and professionals who rely on scholarship in the humanities for their work. We are joining forces to strengthen the service we provide our communities.

In the last year, the CSA has undertaken a more robust approach to its use of the internet to serve its members by adopting a new website and a blog. These projects will be enhanced by collaborating with the editors at H-California who run a listserv (an email list), and an online forum with resources, through the international Humanities Network,

H-California functions as a way for scholars, activists, and nonprofit professionals to communicate about scholarly projects about California. Many of the postings are book reviews, calls for papers, event announcements, queries for projects, new resources, and so forth.

The CSA will collaborate with H-California in the following capacities:

* Shared news items, syndicated between the CSA blog and the H-California listserv.

* Promoting resources, events, and projects between the two resources.

We strongly encourage CSA members and our community to join the H-California listserv, an automated email discussion board of all news and events related to humanities scholarship in California. The CSA will list all our news, events, blog postings, and official communication on the H-California listserv.


One thought on “NEWS: CSA Announces Partnership With the H-California Discussion Network

  1. Dear Aaron and fellow members of CSA,

    Welcome to H-California. As an editor of H-California I’m looking forward to advancing the partnership between CSA and H-California. As the former newsletter editor for the CSA I know it’s an organization with lots of dynamic folks with tons of ideas and insights to share.

    Best to all,

    Denise Spooner

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