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UC San Diego Libraries Acquire Papers of San Diego Pioneer Ephraim W. Morse

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The University of California, San Diego Libraries have acquired the papers of Ephraim Weed Morse, an energetic and ambitious mover-and-shaker who lived in San Diego from 1850 until his death in 1906, and played a leading role in the development of early San Diego.

“This rich and substantive archive forms an important cornerstone of early San Diego history,” said Steven Erie, director of UC San Diego’s Urban Studies and Planning Program. “Having this treasure trove of letters, civic papers and records, and other memorabilia here in San Diego is a major benefit for students and scholars of San Diego history, at UC San Diego and beyond.  The mid-late 1800’s were a critical time in San Diego’s development as a city.  The Morse Papers reflect that history in a very candid, open, and accessible way.”

For more information, click here.


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