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“Carlo Marchiori – ‘Gone with the Wine’, at the Napa Valley Museum


“Carlo Marchiori – ‘Gone with the Wine’:
Paintings, Sculptures and Ceramics Inspired by the Dionysian Culture of the Napa Valley”

December 5, 2008 through January 18, 2009

“Gone With the Wine” is a humorous exploration using the Pulcinella character from the Italian Commedia dell’Arte. A Pulcinella character cavorts across the museum walls from pedestal to pedestal, always inspired and fueled by wine. As he surrenders to the magic of the grape, displaying joy then foolish abandon, the viewer can partake in his frivolity.

Marchiori, classically trained in Padua and Venice before his immigration to the U.S., chose Pulcinella for his character traits that lend themselves to the “everyman” role he plays in this body of work.  The use of Pulcinella allows the artist to explore the realm of the senses. Like so many people, Pulcinella indulges in exaggerated behavior as he drinks and splashes the liquid all around.

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2 thoughts on ““Carlo Marchiori – ‘Gone with the Wine’, at the Napa Valley Museum

  1. I am interested in your ceramic plates and would like to know how to purchase. Thanks Kathryn

    • To find out about the ceramics, you need to contact the museum directly — this is just a list that covers events that relate to California studies.

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