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Climate Change and the Energy Crisis: Lessons from (California) History; Feb. 10 at USC

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The University of Southern California’s School of Policy, Planning and Development and the Keston Institute are sponsoring an Urban Growth Seminar, at 12:15 p.m. on Feb. 10, 2009.  Paul Sabin, Professor of History at Yale University, will speak on “Climate Change and the Energy Crisis: Lessons from History.” Prof. Sabin will explore the history of energy politics in California and the nation to anticipate likely contours for future energy policymaking.

From the announcement:

Over the past three decades, society has failed in its efforts to ad-dress either the climate crisis or our dependence on fossil fuels. As a new presidential administration elevates energy and climate is-sues to the forefront, we must ask why we have not addressed these critical problems thus far, and whether history and historians might suggest useful lessons and implications for future policy-making. Professor Sabin will examine the history of past energy transitions to show how unprecedented and politically challenging it will be to make a dramatic shift away from fossil fuels. His themes include the vital role of government in accelerating change in the energy markets, as well as the generations-long political struggle that is likely to play out within administrative, judicial and legislative settings. Sabin also will touch on the contributions that historians have made to our thinking about adaptation to climate change and the role of climate in driving past societal transformations.

The location of the seminar will be on the USC campus in Ralph and Goldie Lewis Hall, Room 101.

For more information or to RSVP please contact Louise Dyble, 213-740-3489


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