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New Journal Announcement: California Journal of Politics and Policy

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In what constitutes a landmark in the study of California, the Berkeley Electronic Press and the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, have announced the launch of a new electronic journal, California Journal of Politics and Policy, the first academic journal devoted to California.

The journal’s first issue offers immediate analysis on key debates in redistricting, the state budget, Proposition 11, and California demographics.

From the new journal’s website:

A bellwether and testing ground for emerging trends in policy and political developments, California’s politics reverberate around the world. California Journal of Politics and Policy is the only journal devoted to this unique state, publishing peer-reviewed research and commentary on state and local government, electoral politics, and policy formation and implementation, in California and in relation to national and international developments. Edited by leading experts James Q. Wilson (Pepperdine University), Jack Citrin (University of California, Berkeley), and Bruce E. Cain (University of California Washington Center), California Journal of Politics and Policy will appeal to scholars, practitioners, journalists, policymakers, officeholders, and anyone needing to understand the newest directions in state politics and policy.

The editors of the journal are

James Q. Wilson
Pepperdine University

Jack Citrin
University of California, Berkeley

Bruce E. Cain
University of California, Berkeley

Jerry Lubenow
University of California, Berkeley

The table of contents of the first issue is the following:


Reflections on “Redistricting and Legislative Partisanship”

Eric McGhee of the Public Policy Institute of California discusses the do’s and don’ts of redistricting reform.

Redistricting Reform Could Save California from Itself

Matthew Jarvis of Cal State Fullerton suggests that good redistricting reforms could help solve California’s budget woes.

Redistricting Reform Will Not Solve California’s Budget Crisis

Justin Buchler of Case Western disagrees, and argues against redistricting reform as the answer to California’s budget crisis.

How Geopolitics Cleaved California’s Republicans and United Its Democrats

Thad Kousser of UC San Diego explains the new mosaic of blue and red districts.


Tony Quinn of the California Target Book and Darry Sragow of USC each offer their take on Proposition 11.

Proposition 11 – What Will It Do?

Tony Quinn

Proposition 11 – What It Will Do

Darry Sragow

Origins of a Stalemate

Tony Quinn of the California Target Book then turns to the historical decisions that have led California to today’s budget stalemate.

Book Reviews

Sorting It Out: Review of The Big Sort

Bruce Cain of the UC Washington Center reviews The Big Sort, a new book by Bill Bishop and Robert Cushing.


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