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New articles at the California Journal of Politics and Policy

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From the Berkeley Electronic Press:

The Berkeley Electronic Press is pleased to announce the following new articles recently published in California Journal of Politics and Policy, with a special focus on Proposition 8 and the California Supreme Court review of the gay marriage amendment. To view any of the new articles, simply click on the links below:

On Amending and Revising the Constitution: The Issues behind the Challenge to Proposition 8

Joseph R. Grodin

The principal question before the California Supreme Court is whether the state constitution can be modified through an initiative measure when that modification would take away from an identifiable group rights that the state Supreme Court has deemed to be “fundamental.” A subsidiary issue, which would arise only if Proposition 8 is upheld, is whether that measure operates to invalidate marriages conducted before its passage.

Should Proposition 8 Be Held to be Retroactive?

Jesse H. Choper

The legal challenges to Proposition 8 all involve matters of state law on which the California Supreme Court alone is the final authority. But even if the court agrees with interveners and upholds the validity of Proposition 8, there is a separate question of its effect on the 18,000 couples who have already been married. On this issue, the California Supreme Court must first determine if the voters intended the proposition to apply retroactively. This essay urges that it should not be construed as being retroactive and, in doing so, explores two possible challenges under the U.S. Constitution if the court were to interpret Proposition 8 so as to invalidate the 18,000 marriages.

The Continuing Growth of Mail Ballot Voting in California in 2008

Mark DiCamillo

This paper summarizes trends in mail ballot voting and permanent mail ballot registrants in California. It also examines the demographic characteristics of mail ballot voters and permanent mail ballot registrants in 2008.

What Do Debt Loads Say about California’s Fiscal Condition?

John Decker

For the past seven years, the state spent more from the General Fund than its tax structure generated. To help cover the difference, the state borrowed from institutional investors. Should Californians be concerned? More broadly, how does debt fit into the annual budget debate? Evaluation of debt loads help Californians assess the fiscal prudence and sustainability of the state’s fiscal structures.


The Public Sector Case for Marriage Equality

Dennis J. Herrera

The stakes in the Prop 8 case are no longer limited to marriage equality alone. Hanging in the balance is whether state constitutional protections for pluralism and diversity–qualities that have not only distinguished California throughout its history, but have been key to its emergence as global economic powerhouse–may be henceforth subject to the vicissitudes of campaign politics.

About the journal:

A bellwether and testing ground for emerging trends in policy and political developments, California’s politics reverberate around the world. <>California Journal of Politics and Policy is the only journal devoted to this unique state, publishing peer-reviewed research and commentary on state and local government, electoral politics, and policy formation and implementation, in California and in relation to national and international developments. Edited by leading experts James Q. Wilson (Pepperdine University), Jack Citrin (University of California, Berkeley), and Bruce E. Cain (University of California Washington Center), California Journal of Politics and Policy will appeal to scholars, practitioners, journalists, policymakers, officeholders, and anyone needing to understand the newest directions in state politics and policy.

Edited by

James Q. Wilson
Pepperdine University

Jack Citrin
University of California, Berkeley

Bruce E. Cain
University of California, Berkeley

Jerry Lubenow
University of California, Berkeley


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