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Louise Dyble on the Golden Gate Bridge

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Don’t take this title literally. Louise isn’t on the Golden Gate Bridge, but she was on Jon Rowe’s KWMR show last night talking about Paying the Toll, her history of the bridge. And, more specifically, the special district created to manage it.

I was in Point Reyes Station last night and happened to hear a bit of the show. I also saw Jon, who mentioned some of the big stories Louise is sitting on. One is that the bridge district killed the extension of BART into Marin County. I’d always thought that anti-growth forces were responsible for that.

What’s ironic, of course, is that the bridge was constructed precisely to foster growth and development. That’s why Ansel Adams and other Sierra Clubbers opposed its construction.


One thought on “Louise Dyble on the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Thanks for the mention! And, I am not sitting on those stories any more. Readers can get all of the dirt on bridge history–more than you ever wanted to know–in _Paying the Toll_. Call your local bookstore and tell them to stock it! When I was doing research in bridge district closets, the skeletons kept coming at me from every direction!

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