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CSA Steerers: Two New Books, Ramparts Magazine and the Golden Gate Bridge

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Paying the Toll CoverRamparts Cover

With the flurry of activity around our April conference on the Silicon Valley, we have been tardy in reporting on two new books from our own ranks. Earlier this year, Louise Nelson Dyble’s book, Paying the Toll: Local Power, Regional Politics, and the Golden Gate Bridge, came out. Dyble is chair, ex officio, of the CSA. Peter Richardson’s book on Ramparts Magazine, A Bomb in Every Issue: How the Short Unruly Life of Ramparts Magazine Changed America,  is due out in a couple short months. Richardson is the current chair of the CSA.

Check out Paying the Toll here, and Richardson’s report on Dyble’s book here, where he notes her appearance on Jonathan Rowe’s KWMR radio show.

Take a look at Dyble’s very interesting blog on issues around her work at

Richardson’s blog is here, containing general information around California studies from Richardson’s “at large” activities,including updates on Ramparts goings-on.


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