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New UC Press Journal, “BOOM”: Call for Papers

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University of California Press | Journals + Digital Publishing.

From: Kim Robinson <>
Subject: Boom – call for submissions

Dear friends,
As you may know, UC Press is launching an exciting new publication focused on California — Boom: A Journal of California. (See press release with details here –

Below is the call for papers, and you can find the submission guidelines through the link. Please share this with your network of writers, photographers, thinkers, do-ers, artists, and other creative types in California and beyond.

All best,

Boom:  A Journal of California
Call for Submissions

At no time in recent history has the Golden State been so adrift. But
futures do not beckon. They are made. What should ours be?

We announce that Boom: A Journal of California is now accepting
submissions.  A new, cross-disciplinary publication that explores the
history, culture, arts, politics, and society of California, Boom will
publish quarterly, with its debut issue in February 2011.  Published
by University of California Press, this magazine-format, highly visual
journal will feature scholars, independent writers, and community and
civic activists engaging the most pressing issues of the day.

Boom invites new questions.  How, for instance, do we balance
California’s penchant for innovation with an informed grasp of the
past?  What are the connections and contests between and among the
coast and the inland, the cities and the country, the border and the
state? How have all these places shaped and been shaped by the world
beyond? Work, community, environment, culture, and politics have as
many definitions as there are people experiencing them.  How might new
perspectives help us remake California and its place in the world?

Boom embraces answers in unusual formats, including photos, essays,
documents, artwork, first-person accounts, and engaged scholarly
essays.  If you have California work, see our submission guidelines to
consider which area of Boom best suits your piece. Living in
California, we anticipate flux, so let us know if you have ideas that
don’t fit our categories. Guidelines attached.

For too long, Californians have lacked a venue for statewide
discussions of our past, our tumultuous present, and the possible
contours of our future. It’s time for Boom.

Louis Warren
Carolyn de la Peña

Kim Robinson
Regional Publisher
University of California Press
2120 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

Boom: A Journal of California
Want to submit to Boom? Find guidelines here:


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