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CSA Announces 2010 Conference: “Failed State?” Friday, April 16, UC Davis

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The CSA announces its 2010 conference. Details are forthcoming and will be announced on our website and here on the blog.

Failed State?  Crisis and Renewal in California Politics and Culture

Co-sponsored by Boom, the California Studies Association, and the New America Foundation

Friday, April 16, UC Davis

Historically, California has embodied boundless possibility. Though its history is riddled with the contradictions and limits of such imaginings, the state’s unique culture and institutions are nevertheless a testament to California’s promise, and the millions who acted on this promise produced a diverse, original, productive, and powerful society.

Yet for all its natural, human, and economic resources, California faces an idiosyncratic and outsized version of the challenges facing other states: deteriorating infrastructure, a starved education system, looming environmental catastrophe, an unsustainable prison system, and escalating unemployment.  Framing it all is a seemingly intractable condition of political gridlock.

As the CSA celebrates its 20th annual meeting, join a diverse and dynamic gathering of California scholars, teachers, writers, students, artists, builders, service workers, political leaders, and community organizers for a day-long inquiry on California’s unique successes, failures, and possibilities.CS


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