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“Santa Monica Politics: The Left in Charge,” in Calif. Journal of Politics and Policy

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Frank Gruber (a member of the Steering Committee of the California Studies Association) has just had published in the California Journal of Politics and Policy a paper about the politics of Santa Monica since the “Left,” in the form of Santa Monicans for Renters Rights, first elected a majority to the city council in 1981, after voters enacted one of California’s strictest rent control laws.  Its thesis is that once the Left obtained power, progressive politics were turned on their head, and attitudes and policies normally associated with the Right became identified as leftist.  Then later, the pendulum swung back.

The title of the paper is “Santa Monica Politics: The Left in Charge”.

Gruber presented an earlier version of the paper at one of the monthly dinners of the California Studies Association in Berkeley.

The paper may be downloaded from the journal’s website.  (The journal allows guests to download without having to pay a fee.)


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