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The California Indian Conference | 25th Anniversary


The California Indian Conference | 25th Anniversary.

Please join us for the celebratory 25th annual meeting of the California Indian Conference! , For the last quarter century the exchange of knowledge and perspectives has been the hallmark of the CIC, which was Inaugurated at UC Berkeley in 1985. The CIC is committed to the the recovery and advancement of California Indians and the promotion of excellence in collaborative cutting-edge scholarship in linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, and history. Much has changed for the better in the last quarter century in tribal politics, law, economics, scholarship, technology, and the preservation, retrieval and renewal of California Indian peoples’ culture. Tribal leaders, elders and youth, culture bearers, museum administrators, California Parks personnel, artists, environmentalists, educators from elementary grades to institutions of higher learning, independent scholars, archaeologists and others engaged in cultural resource management: all are encouraged to attend this landmark conference. We are communities in conversation, dedicated to the revival, preservation and protection of Native California.

We anticipate registration will begin after April 15. Please revisit our site for updates.

Tanis C. Thorne and Carolyn Kuali’i, Conference Co-Organizers

Our conference partners: UC Irvine’s Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, the School of Humanities, the Department of History, and the International Center for Writing and Translation; the California Center for Native Nations and Rupert Costo Chair, UC Riverside; the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians; News from Native California, and Kua’aina Associates, Inc., Pacific Coast Archaeological Society


2 thoughts on “The California Indian Conference | 25th Anniversary

  1. Aaron,
    Are your parents Ed and Mary Wilcher?

  2. Hi:

    I have already been monitoring just being a lurker for your time now.
    I made the decision that I might as well get involved and interact with the people here.
    I’m hoping to join lots of wonderful people and discover some excellent stuff.

    I’m hoping this does not end up in a bad area. I’m sorry if “here” is inappropriate.


    Voice Pathologist

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