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Richard Register of Ecocity Builders: Drawings at SPUR in San Francisco

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From: Richard Register

My dear friends!

I just finished hanging a show of my drawings over the last 35 years you
might be interested in.

Come on by and see a rather unusual, and in the ³old days,² a rather
prescient development of ideas becoming ever more common.

Some of the features old for me include putting highways underground
(³decking over,² which was originally something of a dreamy hopeful joke,
now coming true in many places), creating high density urban pedestrian
environments (like the new pedestrian Time¹s Square), bridging between
buildings high in the sky (like the High Line, also in New York City and
becoming more common especially on university campuses and at an
extraordinary new development in Changwon, South Korea) and whole supposed ecocities in China (of which I have some drawings that go beyond what they are actually building there). Rooftop gardens? Getting more popular by the day. High-density transit-oriented centers? I preceded the New Urbanists. Recognition of Paolo Soleri and his extraordinary very early versions of ecocities? I¹m one of the few who gives him credit ­ and tries out some of
his ideas for hyper compact extreme low energy cities of the sort that would
make the BP blowout and spill in the Gulf of Mexico a total non-starter. ³We
don¹t need no stinking oil wells!²

So do come by. It¹s something of my retrospective in drawings: the offices
of SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research) in downtown San

When: The show will be up from today to July 16. Tuesdays 11:00am to 8pm,
Wednesdays through Fridays 11:00am to 5:00pm. Closed Saturday through

Address: 654 Mission Street. I¹ll also be giving a purchasable brown bag
lunch talk there about my life as something of an artist/activist/early
urban ecologist at noon on the 7th. Do come if curious.

For ecological health and good times for all of us including the other
animals and the plants we are busily orbiting with,


PS Buy my book, Ecocities, and join our group, Ecocity Builders: <;
Good work, needs help!

Thanks to Bill Mastin, Tawni Aaron, Rick Smith and Emily Wright for working
with me installing this show of drawings.


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