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Watsonville Farmworkers Meeting & Demo, August 8


From Chris Lepe via Richard Hobbs


Strawberry Harvesting Demonstration & Field Home Visit Followed by
Dialogue,  Testimonials, & Dinner with Farmworkers at Migrant Labor
Camp in Watsonville

Sunday, August 8, 2010:  3 – 9 PM
Group Size:

Limited to the first 25 who register.  Children with parents welcome.
The first 25 persons to register (pay) will be able to attend.  Must
register by July 31.

$25 per Person – Check Payable to “Human Agenda”.  Send to Human
Agenda Treasurer, 3845 Wellington Square, San Jose, CA 95136. Proceeds
go to farmworker families hosting the tour.

At 3:00 PM in the surface parking lot at SJCC at the corner of
Moorpark and Leigh Avenues.  We will carpool to Watsonville.

Jeans, T-shirts, etc. (nothing flashy or ostentatious).
Tour Leaders

Dr. Ann Lopez, Professor and Author, The Farmworkers’ Journey,Richard
Hobbs, Esq., Executive Director, Human Agenda
Further Info:

Contact Richard Hobbs at 408-460-2999 or


This tour will challenge participants to better understand the
conditions of Mexican farmworkers in Northern California.  We will
drive to a field where a very low-income family will demonstrate how
to harvest strawberries and then show us their very modest home.  Then
we will drive to the Buena Vista Migrant Labor Camp near Watsonville
where farmworkers will share a look at their living quarters and give
testimonies on their wages, working conditions, the use of pesticides,
and the challenges their children have in receiving education.  A
farmworker meal is included in the cost.  The tour leaders will share
detailed information on farmworkers including demographics, how
globalization propels immigration, the prospects for passage of AgJobs
and immigration reform, and the conditions of farmworkers on both
sides of the border.  For those who wish, Ann Lopez will sign copies
of her recent book, The Farmworkers’ Journey, at the discounted rate
of $15.  Photos are OK only at the labor camp.


3 thoughts on “Watsonville Farmworkers Meeting & Demo, August 8

  1. Me n my parent live in this camp for more then 34yrs ,n now that my son live with them u put my kid n parent in one room,n other people that they live alone,a house of two room ,,or 3 rooms ,like Antonio ortiz ,115a no kids ,that house my parent were living for more yrs,i

    • I need Pablo n Torivio to work back in this,,camp b hair with people my dad n mom don’t need to sleep in the living room ,n other people with 2,3 rooms if u want a list of those people I ha,,,,,it,,,like Arturo Mess,,n more,,

  2. The issue with this camp is management. Where they are from the same state and city of the tenants. And at a giving year play favoritism in allowing families with fewer members live in addition bedrooms that do not need. In addition hold the housing for their copartners from the same state in Michoacán which are only a limited of housing and its first come first server type of system.

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