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Oakland Museum of California obtains historic poster collection

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As reported by the Oakland Tribune on Oct. 9, 2010, the Oakland Museum of California has obtained a collection of more than 23,000 posters collected by Michael Rossman, who was one of the leaders of the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley in the ’60s.  Rossman, who died in 2008, assembled the collection over 30 years. When he died, his wishes, according to his widow, Karen McLellan, were that “the collection [be] kept together, and he wanted it to stay in the Bay Area and he wanted it to be accessible to everyone.”

Since Rossman’s death, his friend Lincoln Cushing (a member of the CSA Steering Committee) has cataloged the collection, photographing each poster, and Cushing will continue to work on the collection now that it is housed at the museum.  The museum is already planning three exhibitions from the collection to take place over the next few years, and also has plans to make the collection accessible to the public on-line.

For more information, the Tribune article can be accessed by this link.



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