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New Issue of California Journal of Politics and Policy now available on line


Berkeley Electronic Press has published the latest edition of the California Journal of Politics and Policy. Here is the table of contents:

Research Articles

Revisionist Reflections on California’s Master Plan @50
John Aubrey Douglass

The Myth of the Independent Voter, California Style
Edward L. Lascher Jr. and John L. Korey

San Benito County and California’s Geopolitical Fault Lines
Corey Cook and David Latterman

Determinants of Legislator Compensation in California and the Residual Impacts of Proposition 1A
Geoffrey Propheter

Glass Ceiling or Glass Elevator: Are Voters Biased in Favor of Women Candidates in California Elections?
Ronni Marie Abney and Rolfe Daus Peterson


California’s Economic Recovery May Hinge on Changing Financing for New Housing
Randall N. Margo

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is One For the Ages
Martin Nolan

Book Reviews

An Endless Array of Minor “Reforms” Made California Ungovernable. A Few Major Reforms Could Fix It: A Review of California Crackup—How Reform Broke the Golden State by Joe Mathews and Mark Paul
Garrett Greuner

Unpacking Racial Discourse in California Proposition Politics: A Review of Racial Propositions: Ballot Initiatives and the Making of Postwar California by Daniel Martinez HoSang
Kelly Kelleher Richter

The articles are available for download at the CJPP website.


2 thoughts on “New Issue of California Journal of Politics and Policy now available on line

  1. California taxpayers are already the most highly taxed in the nation in nearly every category. It is unlikely that people will be in favor of even a small tax increase to help with the budget shortfall.

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