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“Making Cents” Conference in Berkeley Will Address State Budget Crisis Oct. 22


An group of graduate students in several departments at UC Berkeley including, City and Regional Planning, Sociology, the School of Education and the Berkeley Law School, along with many co-sponsors, have organized a conference to take place Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011 at the Berkeley Law School to address the state’s budget crisis. Entitled, “Making Cents: Forging a New California in a Time of Crisis” the conference will address “the causes of the California budget crisis, the impact across diverse communities, and the most innovative short-term and long-term strategies for forging a new California in this crisis.”

For more information and to register to attend, click this link.



11 thoughts on ““Making Cents” Conference in Berkeley Will Address State Budget Crisis Oct. 22

  1. As an elder participant & volunteer, I would like to add my 2-cents
    The “Making Cents” conference on Oct 22nd, was superb. The conference was well organized the facilitators were exceptionally well informed, enthusiastic and kept the participants focused on the solution.
    The workshop I attended (Winning the war of Ideas..) managed to allow a free-flow of ideas and foster a plan of action.
    I give it ***** (5) Stars

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  10. California’s budget crisis is yet another ruse a con job, a total FRAUD. We don’t have a budget crisis anywhere, including California. What we have is elite folks with the most money pretending there is a “budget crisis” because it shifts focus off the elites in powerful positions who are misappropriating funds. There has never been a real budget crisis in the USA or anywhere else. It’s always been a misappropriation of funds that is trickled down to the poorest and most vulnerable among us to make us all feel “guilty” about the abuses of those in power. This goes on years after years: Case in point:
    It’s all a ruse. A chronic abusive tactic that breeds fear and concern among people who don’t have much power or knowledge to see this is all meant to control them through fear and get them to acquiesce to whatever bull s&^% agenda is being played out in the year they hear these LIES. Wake up people. Have you EVER noticed that NOT ONCE has congress or the most wealthy people among us EVER been concerned or EFFECTED by this so called “budget crisis”. No. It’s because if you look CLOSELY you will see that the biggest CUTS following this psychologically abusive bull has been to tell the American people that we need to make “painful” cuts to the disabled, poor, elderly and AIDS patients in the USA so we can help reduce the budget crisis. REALLY? DO they really think we are that stupid? Yes, they do, because we are that stupid. It’s time to be more intelligent and start fighting back and saying look, we know your con job, we’ve seen and heard it before and we’re tired of it. If there’s such a “budget crisis” then start making “painful cuts” to the non profit CEOs who get over 500,000 a year while receiving federal and state funding, start making painful cuts to the high paid do nothing or very little government employees who draining our system. Quit telling the most vulnerable and poor among us that there is a budget crisis and then justifying the cuts made to their programs based on your LIES. There is plenty of money . There is NO budget crisis. It’s a crisis of MISMANAGEMENT on all levels of government. We aren’t buying this BS anymore.

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