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Water in the Sunshine State

The water world is on tether hooks awaiting the Brown Administration’s plan for a peripheral canal due out in July.  As Patricia McBroom reports in her new post on the California Spigot, the forces that oppose the canal have gathered their strength, while many watch and shake their heads in wonderment at details that seem to ignore all the best science.

Meanwhile, stakeholders have joined together without state officials in near-term action plans that should protect California citizens from catastrophic failures of the water system.  You could call it democracy in the commons.

From the article:

Who wants to pay for a tunnel that delivers less water than is available through the current setup?

That question echoes through the airwaves, along with rumors that the Brown Administration plans to weaken laws protecting fish to get its version of the peripheral tunnels built.

On Wednesday, a powerhouse coalition of 38 environmental, fishing and San Francisco-Bay Delta organizations wrote to U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar warning him that “It would be folly for the Department of Interior to follow the State of California down this risky path” and urging him to dissuade the state from this “poorly conceived and destructive plan.”

But which plan?

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Challenging the color bar at Sutro Baths

CSA Steering Committee member Elaine Elinson unearths a key civil rights case in San Francisco from 1897. Read the story in the San Francisco Chronicle. Elinson’s research is part of a project for the Golden Gate National Park Teachers’ Institute.