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Support Shaping and Found San Francisco!!!

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Many of us have found the resources on Found San Francisco to be invaluable. For a wide public, it’s an undeniable portal into understanding the urban environment. Or how many instructors have turned to Found S.F. when preparing a class? …Relied on them for photos and maps? …Sent our students on a research mission with their pages as a foundation? So many!

And many others have attended incredible lectures as part of Shaping S.F.‘s marvelous programming. Countless have learned from bike tours, conversations, and books. …All of this pretty much for free—or maybe for a donation or a book purchase here or there!! But NOW, at a time of increasing economic pressures, is the time to help Chris and Lisa. They have put in so many years of work into these twin operations and we can pay them back by contributing to what they call the 3% solution.

In a few words:

Sign up for our new monthly donor program, or just give us a one-time gift to say thank you for the photos and stories. If 1,200 people (3.3% of our 40,000 monthly users + event participants & online visitors) give $10/month, we can keep this resource going AND expanding.


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