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Your California masterpiece — published….

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Exciting opportunity for scholars of California studies…. Quoting directly from the Heyday Press website:


California Historical Society Book Award

          2014 Submissions Now Open
Call for Manuscripts—July 1, 2014 Deadline

About the Contest

The California Historical Society (CHS) and Heyday have established the California Historical Society Book Award for a book-length manuscript that makes an important contribution to both scholarship and to the greater community by deepening public understanding of some aspect of California history. The prize carries a $5,000 advance and publication in both print and e-book formats by CHS/Heyday, with an awards ceremony, ample promotion, and an author tour throughout the state.

The purpose of the award is to recognize and promote an exciting new literary work in celebration of California’s heritage. The ideal manuscript will inform the minds and delight the imaginations of readers while generating a deeper understanding of California’s rich history. The work must adhere to high scholarly and literary standards and must be lively and engaging to general readers. In addition to conventional works of historical scholarship, other genres will be considered, such as biographies, collections of letters or essays, creative nonfiction, and other stimulating literary forms.



  • The topic should be broad enough to be of interest to readers throughout the state.
  • Authors with either manuscripts in progress or finished manuscripts are welcome to apply.
  • Manuscripts, when finished, should be at least 40,000 words. While we are open to other possibilities, preference will be given to manuscripts of fewer than 75,000 words.

Head to the Heyday website for information about how to apply….


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