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Film showing – Inside the Free Speech Movement

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Sunday, March 29 from 3-5:30 pm
Berkeley History Center, 1931 Center Street
Admission free. Donations welcome.

Call 510-848-0181 for reservations. Limited seating.
“Inside the Free Speech Movement,” a video by Linda Rosen and Jai Jai Noire, features BHS oral history interviews with major participants in the Free Speech Movement. It covers civil liberties Regents March, Ron Enfield, photographerand civil rights issues that led up to and were launched by the FSM and how it became so successful.

The Student Rights Movement, which began in Berkeley, spread throughout the United States and the world, influencing the 1968 Paris student uprising and Prague Spring. Berkeley’s anti-Vietnam War protests, which followed on the heels of the FSM, demonstrated how youth could successfully challenge the status quo and emboldened others to follow suit. The Free Speech Movement permanently changed Berkeley and is also pertinent to today’s events.

Featured are Bettina Aptheker, Jack Weinberg, David Lance Goines, Kathleen Piper, Jack Radey, Anita Medal, Prof. Leon Wofsy, Prof. Peter Dale Scott, and others.


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