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U.C Berkeley California Studies Dinner Seminar: Feb. 16, 2017 Ignacio Ornelas Rodriguez and Daniel Ruanova, “The Bracero Legacy Project”

Ignacio Ornelas Rodriguez and Daniel Ruanova discuss their multi-disciplinary project on Thursday, February 16, from 7 to 9:15 p.m.  Ornelas Rodriguez is on the staff of the Special Collections Department of the Stanford University Library and is a Ph.D. candidate in history at UC Santa Cruz.  Ruanova is an artist who lives and works in Tijuana and is the co-owner of the TJ in China ProjectSpace in that city.  Their project explores and preserves the heritage of the Bracero Program (1942-64), not only the pain and oppression, but also the hard work and and quest for social and economic mobility of the braceros themselves.

The session will be at the UCB Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, 2521 Channing Way (just east of Telegraph Ave.)  Free dinner and admission.

RSVP: Margaret Olney, margaret_olney